What are young people/students looking for in a room/apartment?

Some of the most important factors for students looking for a room/apartment:


  1. Price:most students are interested in the price of the room or the apartment. This is not surprising since we all know that students usually do not have a lot of money and are therefore searching for something affordable.


  1. Locationis also very important as most students want to live somewhere close to the university at which they are studying and in the areas where there is always something going on. Since most students also do not own a car, is it equally important that the location of the apartment is well connected with public transport.


  1. Comfort andcleanliness: This is probably something everyone looking for an apartment is expecting. Students want to feel as comfortable as possible in the new home and also want certain level of cleanliness.


  1. The perfect ratio between quality and price:as mentioned above, price is very important for students when they are searching for a place to stay. However, they also want to find a good balance between the price they pay and what they get for it.


  1. Additional services offered: when students are moving it usually means they are going to live away from their parents for the first time. That means that washed laundry, cooked meals and clean room will not be taken for granted anymore. Many students therefore prefer the places where they can get similar services.



What are some of the essential things students want in their apartments?


– They want the apartment/room to already be furnished, so they do not need to buy everything

– Washing machine and a dryer

– Most of the students also do not mind to share a kitchen or a bathroom with other people, but they prefer to have a private room

– On- site maintenance


Considering the prices students are willing to pay for an apartment/room it is really difficult to predict as this depends on the city and the country in which they live. However, most of them would still not pay more than 800€ per month.


It is in general quite tricky to find a suitable student apartment and this gets even more complicated when you are trying to find a place to live in a foreign country. There are websites that assist students with searching for an accommodation abroad, one of these sites is HousingAnywhere.com (link to https://housinganywhere.com/.)